Project Summary


The project aims at expanding cross-border, international contacts on the theme of sustainable development, where social reintegration and "reinvesting" (social inclusiveness) are also symbolically represented. The final target beneficiaries are prisoners and released persons. The aim is to develop responsible, environmentally aware behavior and attitudes, to achieve a lower environmental impact in the short and longer term, and to develop competent and responsible choices and behavior.


The coordinating organization is Váltó-sáv Alapítvány, partner organization is : Udruženje Gradjana Ostorka (Serbia).




- project management


- internal trainings (once a month online, 2 times with a 2-day contact)


- transnational meetings (3 times, 2 in Hungary, 1 in Serbia)


- bilateral meetings (1 in each country, 2 helpers, 3 target group members travelling/meeting)


- 2 multiplier events (1 per country)


- compilation of concrete outputs: good practice collection, methodological guide, final evaluation, results communication publication.


Results, effects:


- linking green skill - soft skill - universal competence development for a specific, hard-to-reach target group, and in connection with this, strengthening

   social reintegration processes - a collection of good practices, which in the longer term means developing training materials;


- the emergence of new opportunities and innovations in educational and support work (collection of good practices, methodological guide);


- expanding international partnerships, preparing new projects.








Váltó-sáv Alapítvány 2022